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Conceria Everest S.r.l. was founded in 1990, initially as a plant separate from Conceria Nuti Ivo for the production of split and suede. Later, an independent entity is established and the products are integrated with calf and baby calf, largely targeting the Italian footwear market. From 1995 onwards, the larger suede and calf skins were gradually abandoned in order to strongly specialise in baby calf skins only, initially always for footwear, but immediately afterwards also targeting fine leather goods. This gives rise to new market openings such as the USA and the Far East, which lead to a considerable increase in production. It is for this reason that all the plants have been expanded and renovated and the process has been fully transferred to within the company, with obvious benefits in terms of quality control.

From 1997 onwards, in order to complete the product mix and therefore decisively consolidate the markets acquired, new lines of exclusive prints (mainly reptile and alligator) were introduced, finished strictly by hand, later adding chrome and vegetable-tanned goatskin. Furthermore, in 2002, to meet the increase in demand, the entire layout of the process was reviewed to include ultra-modern, more productive machines. Now we can say that Conceria Everest’s specialisation is complete. Strong technical expertise in leather for footwear, leather goods and clothing, continuous research and development into high fashion-content products, positioning our products among the best on the international market.


“Strong technical expertise in leather for footwear, leather goods and clothing,

continuous research and development into high fashion-content products, positioning

our products among the best on the international market.”

A high quality product

Current production, divided between baby calf and calf, reaches an average of 500,000 square feet per month and is characterised by non-stop research into new proposals ato be created, processed and developed at a constant pace through the incessant team efforts by our technicians and various partnerships with well-known designer studios in Italy and abroad.

The range offered in the fashion area is enormous, and is a direct consequence of the profuse commitment to this service, considered strategic. The production can be defined as having a high level of traditional craftsmanship due to the widespread use of manual processing to give the finished product a unique degree of originality and aesthetic quality at global level, characteristic of the Santa Croce Sull’Arno area. On the other hand, the classic or “basic” area is well-consolidated and offers long-established products for which production is constantly monitored to comply with strict and severe quality standards.

The entire processing, in fact, is performed in-house, so its control is immediate. “Printed”, mainly imitating reptile and alligator skin, is an area of particular focus with a near-constant flow of investments. The printing plates, around 150, are made only by hand at our own plants, with the moulds produced from real animals, which therefore makes them absolute exclusives and not perfectly replicable. Even the finishing is 100% by hand to offer not only a natural appearance, but also one that is special and unmistakeable. Sales primarily target the international markets. In fact, around 75% of production is exported. The major markets are the Far East, USA and Europe. Conceria Everest is proud to include the leading international luxury brands among its customers, and to support their personalised development through its own research and experience, and guaranteeing the absolute highest level of confidentiality. Conceria Everest is a member of the FINATAN SPA group, which includes all the Nuti Ivo Group tanneries.

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This type of tannage is without doubt one of the oldest: used since the Egyptian and Roman eras as the main footwear production technique and, still today, is one of the preferred techniques by those seeking environment-friendly, hypoallergenic products.

The Nuti Ivo group offer

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This is the most common type of tannage worldwide and is used for most leather-based products on the market. The origins of chrome tannage are relatively recent. We can trace its beginnings to the early 20th century, and it quickly became the most common processing type used.

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Nuti White Leather

Nuti White Leather is the innovative metal-free tannage invented and applied exclusively by the Nuti Ivo Group. The end product is a skin similar to that achieved from chrome tannage, but more robust and with increased tensile strength. Nuti White Leather is the Metal-Free with the highest tanning material value in its class: 75 Tg

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