Blue Leather
Chrome tanning

Blue Leather
Chrome tanning


This tanning process has been constantly improved by the nuti ivo group to improve its environmental impact. Over the years, this type of tanning has been perfected so that the chromium used in the process is perfectly bound to the leather with considerable advantages for the end consumer.

Among the exclusive advantages of this type of processing is the possibility of applying it to different product ranges, thanks to the simplicity of dyeing, water resistance and elasticity. Moreover, this particular technique is extremely sustainable thanks to the rationalization of water throughout the process and the alternative use of by-products of the various processes. Another benefit of chrome tanning concerns processing times.

The term wet-blue that defines it comes from the shade of color that the leather takes on at the end of the process, a nuance that ranges from green to blue.

Very versatile tanning

This type of processing is particularly suitable for products such as clothing, footwear, small leather goods and furniture.

Veg Leather
Vegetable tanning

Veg Leather
Vegetable tanning



This special technique of leather processing, whose origins date back to the ancient times of the Egyptians and Romans who used it to make shoes and clothes, allows to obtain environmentally sustainable products.

Thanks to this particular treatment the leather takes on a unique fullness, which makes it perfect for use in the leather goods, saddlery and footwear sectors; the final product thus takes on a completely natural appearance, giving a strong feeling of craftsmanship and refinement.

A sustainable technique designed for.

This technique is particularly suitable for the realization of products such as saddlery, bridles, belts, leather goods and footwear.

White Leather
Metal Free Tanning

White Leather
Metal Free Tanning


An innovative and modern technique that the Nuti Ivo group was one of the first to introduce on the market. The type of product that can be obtained is similar to that made with chrome tanning, with the characteristic of offering strong products that are resistant to traction and tearing.

This tanning has just been introduced on the market, for this reason it is in continuous evolution. The particularity of this production is the total absence of heavy metals.

Innovative technology designed for.

Thanks to the special resistance and high quality of the leather obtained, this process is particularly suitable for clothing, footwear, leather goods and furniture.


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