The gol of Novakem is the production of chemicals for tanneries. The company starts its production on July of 2014 with a cooperation of engenieers and chemists and a group of historical tanners in Italy, mixing a specific technical knowledge with 50 years of experience in tannery business of high level. Novakem gol is to produce a small quantiy of chemical products of high quality to satisfy the demand of tanneries and became a international point of reference .Thanks of the proven experience of the tanneries of NUTI IVO GROUP,  Novakem products are perfect for producing leather of high quality in veg tanner and also in chrom tanner. 

“To achieve a top quality product and a constantly high degree of technical content,

the entire production process is handled within the companies and is continuously monitored

for compliance with the strictest quality standards.”


Products of high quality

Our concept of product has been development throw using the best row materials oi market paining attantion at the concentration of bohhhall this means that we offer qualtity, confidence and eficience in our products; a Made in Italy able to mix knowledge, tradition and modernity to obtain the best final product.  

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This type of tannage is without doubt one of the oldest: used since the Egyptian and Roman eras as the main footwear production technique and, still today, is one of the preferred techniques by those seeking environment-friendly, hypoallergenic products.

Il Gruppo Nuti Ivo offre

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This is the most common type of tannage worldwide and is used for most leather-based products on the market. The origins of chrome tannage are relatively recent. We can trace its beginnings to the early 20th century, and it quickly became the most common processing type used.

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Nuti White Leather

Nuti White Leather is the innovative metal-free tannage invented and applied exclusively by the Nuti Ivo Group. The end product is a skin similar to that achieved from chrome tannage, but more robust and with increased tensile strength. Nuti White Leather is the Metal-Free with the highest tanning material value in its class: 75 Tg

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